About us


Bookwhen launched in 2009 to give small businesses a simple way to take bookings online for ongoing events like classes, courses, and workshops. We have been listening to our customer feedback from the outset and have been enhancing the system ever since. In 2015 we launched a brand new version of the system to cater to the ever growing market and our diverse customer base, which has given us a strong platform in which to grow further in the future.


Our mission is to keep the system as clear and functional as possible, to provide you with the tools you need to simply get on with your business. As a service, we understand the importance of support and aim to help you as quickly and effectively as possible, with a dedicated team ready to answer questions.

We're based in Oxford in the UK, but have a broad set of customers around the world. The business is fully funded by the subscriptions we charge and growing, so will be around for many years to come. We're proud to have built the business without outside investment, so we can focus on what's important: our customers and the system.

Belsyre Court
57 Woodstock Road

E:   support@bookwhen.com
P:   +44 (0)1865 922 123