A powerful feature set to save you time & increase your attendance

Online and offline payments

Accept payments online through your chosen payment gateway, offline via a ‘pay later’ function, or be flexible and allow both. Online payments are taken via Stripe, Paypal or WorldPay and you can pass their fees on to your customers if you wish.

Designed for mobile and tablet

Bookwhen scales perfectly for mobiles and tablets.


Exceptional support whatever your pricing plan. Provided via in-app support chat, standard support email, or telephone. If you need us we will be on hand with friendly, helpful advice.

Custom schedule pages

Make your schedule stand out and stay on brand with customisable banner and logo images, site colours, company details and refund policies. Easily filter different schedule pages and event tags to present a clear and attractive interface for your customers.

Multiple schedule pages

Publish completely independent sets of events in different pages, all managed under a single account.

Embed within your website

Ensure that your Bookwhen site matches your branding by using an inline frame to seamlessly integrate our booking screens into your website.

Custom booking forms

Choose from a range of field types, including drop-down lists and validation, to ensure you get all the necessary and correct information from your attendees.

Customer list

Keep customer information at your fingertips and track down previous bookings to gain insight into booking habits.

Export booking and attendee information

Integrate the booking and attendee data gathered on Bookwhen with your own systems by quickly exporting .csv files.

Class register

Effortlessly print or export your class register so that you can keep track of attendees on the day.

Confirmation and reminder emails

We take care of your admin by automatically confirming your customer’s booking via email. They will also receive a reminder email before the event, at a time that you determine.

Ticket types

Create multiple ticket types for any event - including course tickets (which can be prorated as dates pass), family/group tickets and membership tickets. You can also restrict when tickets are available - perfect for 'early bird' tickets.

Multiple tickets per booking

Multiple tickets can be selected prior to checkout, enabling the booking and payment of multiple classes, or multiple people onto a single event at the same time.

Child attendees

Bookwhen allows you to distinguish between child and adult attendees so you can ensure that you are complying to all relevant regulations.

Discount codes and block booking discounts

Create unique discount codes and restrict the event or ticket they can be used on. Block booking discounts are calculated automatically upon checkout.

Class passes

Give your customers the option to purchase a block of class credits for use on future events.

Waiting Lists

A fair system which lets you choose how much time customers get to respond to a space becoming available. Bookwhen automatically handles the waiting list - maximising ticket sales and ensuring your events are always full!

Attach documents and files

Attach documents to your events and securely host on the Bookwhen server.

Private booking password

Choose to limit who can book onto your events by issuing them a private booking password

Calendar feed

Easily link your schedule page to a calendar app. Your attendees will receive a .ics file which integrates with Google, Outlook and Apple calendars. With public and private options you can decide if you wish to include the names of attendees booked onto the event.

Multiple admins and roles

Invite colleagues to join your Bookwhen account. If you wish, you can also restrict their access levels and decide whether they receive email notifications.


Use our API to fully integrate Bookwhen into your website. See the developer documentation for more details.


Currently available in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Swedish

Commission payments for franchisees

Bookwhen supports commission payments for franchisees. If you're a franchisor we can make sure that you receive your share of each booking.

The process

1. Schedule setup

You may wish to setup a single event or multiple events, a recurring schedule or ad hoc classes. Bookwhen gives you the flexibility to provide a range of different ticketing and discount options and take bookings the way you want.

2. Take bookings

Your clients view your schedule from a fully customisable Bookwhen page, which may be integrated into your own website. They can book multiple events per booking and multiple attendees per event, whatever they choose you will receive the details you need from our customisable booking form and, if required, payments online via Stripe, PayPal or Worldpay.

3. Attendee details

Your bookings are collated and on hand via our simple dashboard. Browse, then print attendee lists for your event or download booking data for processing offline.

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