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A robust feature set to meet your booking needs


Give your customers the option to sign up for membership subscriptions. This can be set as either a one-off or recurring payment.

Customer groups

Enable a group of customers to receive exclusive tickets.

Custom booking forms

Customise your booking forms for each event, validate responses, add attachments for waivers and opt-ins for marketing.

Online and offline payments

Accept payments online through your chosen payment gateway, offline via a ‘pay later’ function, or be flexible and allow both. Online payments are taken via Stripe, Paypal or WorldPay and you can pass their fees on to your customers if you wish.

Confirmation and reminder emails

Confirmation emails include essential details, a link to manage the booking, a calendar file and text you can customise. Set reminder emails before the event, at a time that you determine.

Class register

Mark off attendance directly on the day via our online register. Customise the field responses included on the register so you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Multiple tickets and attendees per booking

Multiple tickets can be selected prior to checkout, enabling the booking and payment of multiple classes, or multiple people onto a single event at the same time.

Multiple ticket types

Create multiple ticket types for any event - including course tickets (which can be prorated as dates pass), family/group tickets and exclusive tickets. You can also restrict when tickets are available - perfect for 'early bird' tickets.

Recurring schedules

Set up your event once and tell Bookwhen how and when it should recur in the future.

Customised booking page

Customise your own personal booking webpage hosted by Bookwhen. Upload logo, header and images. Run multiple pages in parallel, each with their own link.

Fast checkout

Simple basket system makes it easy to select tickets, and details can be saved to make checkout even faster next time.

Attachments and images

Upload files for your events, such as documents, PDFs and images. Easily attach them to your event descriptions.

Waiting lists

A fair system which lets you choose how much time customers get to respond to a space becoming available. Bookwhen automatically handles the waiting list - maximising ticket sales and ensuring your events are always full.

Multiple admins and roles

Invite colleagues to join your Bookwhen account. Restrict access levels for each booking page and decide whether they receive email notifications.

Embed in any website

Add your schedule page to any website platform (including Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace) with a simple snippet of code.

Optimized for mobile and tablet

Our web-based app is designed using a mobile-first approach. 70% of users access Bookwhen via mobile or tablet.

Discount codes and block booking discounts

Create unique discount codes and restrict the event or ticket they can be used on. Block booking discounts are calculated automatically upon checkout.


Give your customers the option to purchase a block of class credits for use on future events.

Customer list

Customer database with profiles for each of your customers, including booking history. Easy to export with marketing opt-in recorded.

Export bookings and attendances

Run reports on bookings and attendances and export via .csv

Zoom integration

Automatically generates meetings in Zoom, adds them to classes, and emails attendees.

YouTube & Vimeo Integration

Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos on a secure event page for attendees only. Perfect for video on demand.

Online event support

Add joining instructions for any online streaming provider - only booked attendees can access the link.

Child attendees

Distinguish between child and adult attendees for an intuitive checkout, and to comply with data privacy regulations.

Calendar feed

Easily link your schedule page to a calendar app. Public and private feed options, so you can decide if you wish to include the names of attendees booked onto the event.


Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Italian and Hungarian.

Private booking password

Choose to limit who can book onto your events by issuing them a private booking password


Take commission payments per transaction from your franchisees automatically, paid straight into your account.


Use our API to integrate event data into your website. See the developer documentation for more details.

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