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Published 11 Dec 23

Grow Your Bookings With Our Top 5 Recommendations

  • Written by Dani
  • Tagged as bookings, set-up

We're passionate about helping small businesses succeed, and our booking software is just one way we do that. Our team understands how much you have to juggle as a business owner, and we're here to share helpful tips on using our features to help grow your business.

Whether you're selling tickets for events, experiences, or services, here are our top 5 tips to boost ticket sales and grow your customer base:

1. 🤝 Share and network

  • Don't keep your booking page a secret! Make sure your customers can easily find and access your booking page whenever they wish to book. Double-check and copy the correct link for your public page before sending it in emails, sharing it on social media, or adding it to your website.

  • Share your public page and direct customers via your Facebook page if you use that platform.

  • Embed your page directly on your website using our iFrame feature.

  • Be confident in networking with your local community in person and online. Creating a sense of exclusivity can make customers feel special and encourage them to commit. Research if you can join community groups or organisations aligned with your industry and create partnerships with other businesses to cross-promote services.

2. 🧭 Make it look great and easy to navigate

Data shows that customers can click away within 15 seconds if they can’t find what they need*.

  • Help customers know instantly they are on your page and easily find what they want by customising the public page using your branding. Add a banner, your logo, additional information and relevant contact details.

  • Add filter buttons to simplify the user experience. An easily navigable page is more likely to convert visitors into attendees.

  • Customise your entries to stand out and capture customer attention by adding images and enticing descriptions.

3. 💥 Create demand

Have you ever noticed how a shop or restaurant gets busier once you’ve gone in and started looking around? You can apply the same principle to making your tickets appear in high demand.

4. 💎 Up the ante

Take your established customer base to the next level by offering passes, memberships, exclusive tickets, and vouchers. These added perks not only engage your existing customers but also serve as enticing incentives for new ones.

  • Currently available on the Standard Plan or above, this plan will also allow you to offer waiting lists and mark attendance.

5. 💚 Provide outstanding experiences

Last but probably most importantly, love what you do and do what you love. Happy customers are more likely to become repeat customers and enthusiastic advocates for your business.

  • The key to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth is delivering exceptional service and experiences; they WILL be back for more and tell their friends!

For more information or personalised guidance on any of these strategies, our support team is here to help. Reach out via live chat or email 🕺