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Published 5 Jan 24

Hybrid Workouts, AI-Powered Plans, and Green Gyms: Top Fitness and Wellness Trends for 2024

  • Written by Gem
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As the confetti settles and resolutions start to take shape, it's time to look ahead to the next 12 months and explore what 2024 has in store for the world of health and wellness.
Here are the top trends we predict will shape this year:

1. Pandemic necessity to lifestyle choice: Hybrid workouts are here to stay 🏡

More than a pandemic fad, hybrid workouts acknowledge our evolving lifestyles, embrace flexibility, and are set to become the norm this year.

This combination caters to various preferences, providing the camaraderie of in-person, instructor-led classes and the convenience of online workouts in your PJs when schedules clash. Consider expanding your offerings to help customers find the ideal balance between digital and physical fitness.

💡 Check out our guide on how to choose the right set-up for your online classes.

2. Personalised fitness and AI 🤖

Biotech and AI were buzzwords for 2023, and their integration with fitness is set to continue growing this year. With advancements in wearable tech, fitness mirrors, personalised fitness regimes, and nutrition plans, AI has revolutionised the approach to health for both consumers and fitness & wellness providers.

The most significant impact we foresee for AI in fitness is its ability to create personalised fitness plans in minutes rather than hours. However, AI is a tool, not a replacement. Your expertise and the human connection you provide as a fitness provider are invaluable.

Consider using tools like ChatGPT alongside a fitness booking system to optimise your time, allowing you to focus more on running sessions with your clients and less on administrative tasks.

3. Embracing the slow burn: Longevity 🔥

In 2024, we anticipate steady health progress through low-impact fitness trends such as Zone 2 training's endurance boost, rucking's core-strengthening walks, and the 75-day soft challenge's sustainable approach to healthy habits.

Netflix's "Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones” documentary ignited a passion for these choices, inspiring many to ditch punishing routines and build a foundation of strength and resilience for lasting fitness. From mindful movement to mindful eating, 2024 is about making sustainable choices that not only add years to your life but also life to your years.

4. Going green: Environmental sustainability 💚

With The Gym Group being the first fitness operator to have its science-based net-zero targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), environmental consciousness is taking centre stage in the fitness and wellness industry.

Consumers are increasingly prioritising sustainability, and savvy providers are seizing the opportunity to make a positive impact. From swapping single-use plastic water bottles for sleek refill stations (encouraging members to bring their own), to using eco-friendly amenities like bamboo yoga mats and recycled rubber flooring, these changes can elevate the experience while minimising the environmental impact.

Remember, sustainability isn't just about fancy equipment; it's about fostering a mindful culture!

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